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 Bel-Ray Brake and Contact Cleaner
Moto World's Price:

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Comes in 19.2 Oz Aerosol can / 12 per case

Bel-Ray Brake & Contact Cleaner is an easy to use product, free of ozone depleting CFC, specifically formulated to clean and degrease all metal surfaces without leaving any residue. It quickly penetrates accumulated gums and greasy deposits for a thorough cleaning. The fast drying action minimizes clean-ups.


  • For cleaning brake components.
  • For cleaning any greasy or gummy petroleum residue on machinery, tools, etc.
  • For cleaning grease, grime, sludge, varnish and carbon deposits on plastic, metal or ceramic electrical switches, motors and components.

Features and Benefits

  • No residue - Ensures optimum performance of brakes and electrical components.
  • Superior solvent - Produces fast and economical removal of grease, grime, sludges, varnishes and carbon deposits on metals and most other surfaces. Will not discolor metals and is harmless to paint or other finishes. Will not affect electrical insulation materials.
  • Easy to use - Easy aerosol spray applicator permits pinpoint precision for best results in difficult to reach areas. Leaves no mess to clean.
  • Fast drying - Reduces down time and makes maintenance easier.

General Description

    Bel-Ray Brake & Contact Cleaner is specially formulated for superior cleaning without leaving an oily residue. This is critical to brakes for superior stopping power and on electrical components for reduced arcing and heat build-up. The unique formulation in convenient aerosol spray penetrates, dissolves and disperses long standing build-ups of grease, grime, sludge, varnish and carbon deposits for fast and easy cleaning of difficult to reach parts. Total disassembly of the components is no longer needed, reducing maintenance and improving turnaround time. Bel-Ray Brake & Contact Cleaner is H-2 listed and approved by the USDA. Fast drying and easy to use,
    Bel-Ray Brake & Contact Cleaner belongs in every shop and tool box.

Application Instructions

    On a cool surface spray Bel-Ray Brake & Contact Cleaner. Let the product penetrate for a few seconds, and repeat until clean. Allow a few minutes for drying. For maximum penetration, several applications may be necessary. To facilitate later cleaning, wipe off all over-spray. Dispose of empty containers in a responsible manner.

Caution: Use in a well-ventilated space. Product is flammable and should be used with appropriate caution. Do not spray on a hot surface or in proximity to flames or open fire. Do not puncture or incinerate container, even when empty. Always wear safety glasses when using this product. Keep container away from heat.

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