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 Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil
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Bottle Size

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Comes in†13.5†Oz†and 19.5 Oz Aerosol†cans†or 1 Liter bottle;/†12 per case

Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oilís new and improved formula is ultra viscous for the highest levels of engine protection and fast-drying for more convenient maintenance. Bel-Rayís innovative technology has created a far more viscous formula than any other foam filter oil on the market. It creates a highly tacky barrier for superior filtration without restricting air flow. Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil is able to trap micron-sized, airborne particles that can cause engine damage and performs exceptionally well in dusty environments.

Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oilís improved fast-drying formula makes it quick and easy to apply, and because it is waterproof it will not wash off, clog or gum up when filter gets wet. Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil Spray delivers all of the performance benefits of Bel-Rayís pour type oil in an environmentally friendly aerosol package. It is an easy-to-use product that allows users to effortlessly apply the product to the filter for complete filter coverage. Foam Filter Spray is formulated using the newest delivery system technology and is free of ozone depleting CFCs.


  • For all street, off-road or road racing foam type air filters.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast drying A fast drying tacky film is produced to ensure optimum performance of foam filter without the runny solvent. Not only reduces maintenance time, but makes performing maintenance easier.
  • Ultra viscous The viscous tacky formula traps micron-sized particles that can cause engine damage.
  • Waterproof The barrier film will not wash off, clog or gum up when filter gets wet.

General Description

    Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil and Bel-Ray Foam Filter Spray are for all street, off-road and racing motorcycle foam air filter applications. Bel-Ray Foam Filter products are formulated using the most advanced technology to protect engines from contaminants and are packaged in two delivery systems that allow users to effortlessly apply the product to the filter no matter what the preferred method may be. A Bel-Ray Foam Filter product belongs in every shop and toolbox.

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