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 Bel-Ray Thumper Semi-Synthetic Racing Motor Oil 20W50
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Bottle Size

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Comes in 1 Liter bottles / 12 per case or 4 Liter bottles / 4 per case 

Bel-Ray Thumper 4-Stroke Racing Motor Oil is specifically engineered to meet the demands of single cylinder multi-valve 4-stroke racing engines. The high temperatures and severe loads of racing require the exceptional film strength, shear- and temperature stability of Bel-Ray Thumper 4-Stroke Racing Motor Oil.


  • For use in either engine or combined engine/gearbox systems
  • Recommended for single cylinder multi-valve 4-stroke racing engines
  • Equally suitable for air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines

Features and Benefits

  • High viscosity stability High Viscosity Index and shear stability of the synthetic components provide superior lubrication and film strength
  • Superior lubricity High Viscosity Index oil provides superior lubricity for reduced friction loss resulting in maximum engine power
  • Superior anti-wear Exclusive Bel-Ray anti-wear additive chemistries form a very low friction coating on all lubricated parts for best wear protection of valve-train and gears subjected to constant shock loads and boundary lubrication
  • Superior shear- and temperature stability Oil flows freely when cold and maintains exceptional film strength at high temperature for improved ring sealing and compression.
  • Superior deposit control Unique anti-oxidants, dispersants and thermal stabilizers prevent and solubilize existing sludge and deposits for better engine cooling.

General Description

    Bel-Ray Thumper 4-Stroke Racing Motor Oil is a premium multi-grade synthetic blend motor oil engineered for single cylinder multi-valve 4-stroke racing engines requiring maximum wear protection of valve-trains, rings, cylinders and pistons. Bel-Ray Thumper 4-Stroke Racing Motor Oil protects against viscosity breakdown under high temperature, high shear and fuel dilution conditions commonly found in racing.

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