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 Dobeck Performance Techlusion - Triumph Daytona 600 (2003-2004)
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Connector Type
Plug-In Wiring Harness

Techlusion’s TFI is different in its method of adjustment by dealing directly with the fuel injection signal after it leaves the factory ECU. It adjusts your fuel requirements without tricking sensors or modifying the factory settings. By just adjusting the TFI to the off position there is no need to remove the unit to return the bike to its previous stock condition.

Technical Breakdown:

The TFI is not an interceptor and it does not alter factory air/fuel computer tales or pulse-width calculations. It taps into the injector-driver circuitry of a stock bike’s EFI and selectively appends extra pulse-width voltage keeping injector's open the exact incremental time required for precise fuel enrichment. The bike’s on-board computer and wiring harness remain intact, with no wires needing to be cut. The stock air-fuel Map remains intact, as does its correlation to the engine’s volumetric efficiency (breathing) curve.The TFi is simple to adjust. Four adjustable dials (pods) and circuitry in the control unit (1) define the breakpoint between cruise and “main-jet” RPM, (2) the length of time and magnitude for auxiliary transitional enrichment, (3) and the incremental enrichment in tenths of milliseconds for the three operating ranges.

Techlusion TFI Installation:

The TFI box is an easy installation and can be set up in your garage without the need for a laptop computer (which the Power Commanders really need). Simple plug-in design installs in minutes with optional factory type harness. Tap in TFI  box connects to stock wiring with quick splice connectors

Techlusion TFI Pros:

The TFI box (that stands for Techlusion Fuel Injection) is made by the guy that founded DYNOJET. Besides the obvious, the price, the TFI works really well on your real world road bikes, whereas Power Commanders were designed for race bikes which could be used on road bikes, this TFI box is designed for road bikes. This means that you are going to get a much more defined and accurate set up for real world riding. And with a working accelerator pump circuit, reacts like a finely tuned carburator.

Techlusion TFI Cons: None     Techlusion TFI Software: None required

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