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 Vortex Rear Sprocket - Yamaha YZF R6 (2006-2008)
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Chain Pitch
Finish Type
Sprocket Size Rear

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Warning: F5 and CAT5 sprockets are custom made and not eligible for return. If you are uncertain whether this is the correct sprocket for your application, type the year, make and model of your bike in the comments section when ordering. A sales associate will double check your order and contact you if inconsistencies occur.

A Vortex sprocket is a lightweight high-performance alternative to the steel stock sprocket. Use Vortex sprockets to considerably reduce mass and to change your gearing (see below for details).
  • Made with highest quality aluminum
    • 7075 T6 aluminum is the best grade material for light weight and durability
    • The weight you save on drive components is multiplied as rotating mass
    • Less rotating weight improves acceleration
  • CNC Machined to tightest tolerances
    • Our unique manufacturing process creates a perfectly concentric sprocket every time
    • This frees horsepower and extends the life of both chain and sprocket
    • Perfected tooth design has less drag and reduces friction for better acceleration and deceleration
  • Attractive, Smart Design
    • Vortex patented design offers a unique look
    • Standard sprockets have a bright, polished look; clear anodizing helps prevent corrosion
    • Mud grooves and coatings help keep components clean
    • All sprockets available in single tooth increments
  • Available in 6 different finishes
    • Standard Clear anodized for corrosion protection and a polished look.
    • F5 PTFE Black Hardcoat is built for endurance & adds longevity and lubricity
    • CAT5 Color anodized (avail. Blue, Red, Gold or Black  with silver sweeps, mud grooves and teeth. The same ultra precise design as our standard sprocket with a more attractive appearance.

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